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 Marlene Hibbs began her trip across Canada in an effort to better understand and raise awareness for trauma.

It was a shock that during her journey the country and the world would be struck by a virus that would change the world forever. Under these circumstances she decided to complete her journey with a new awareness and a new sense of curiosity.

Every version of trauma is personal, every solution comes from gathering understanding. We have all been touched by trauma and solutions are within reach. 


The goal of this work is to develop a collection of stories representative of the wide range of trauma experiences that exist in this country.

These stories will culminate in a book expressing an array of realities reflective of our current times and broad perspectives. 

This initiative is intended to unite Canadians around the idea that our shared lives, joy, pain and search for meaning can represent an opportunity for change. We hope these stories will help policy makers find solutions. 

These stories have the power to transform the narrative around mental health in Canada.  







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Metis group outside Chateau Laurier in Ottawa
Bike overlooking Wawa
WOMXN'S Film and Video Crew
Shell Lady who helped Marlene out
Banjo Jim helping Marlene with a flat ti
Team Not Alone in Belleville Ontario
Eating Disorder Proclamation in Kamloops BC
Friendly cyclists in Sault Ste Marie

Thank you to our Sponsors and Donors

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A special thank you to all the Canadians who donated in kind.

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What People Are Saying

From people who believe, and who make differences in their own communities.

Peter Twist with Bruno.jpg

Peter Twist

President/CEO at Twist Performance + Wellness

Former Strength and Conditioning Coach for Vancouver Canucks 

Partner with China Olympic Committee

 “Marlene is ON A MISSION, biking solo across Canada to compel politicians to CHANGE THE SYSTEM of how MENTAL HEALTH is managed.”

sam cabrillana.jpg

Sam Cabrillana

“She is dedicated, she is motivated and because of this, I look forward to offering my expertise from my field of addictions and recovery support on her journey.”

Laura London.jpg

Laura Loudon

Fraser Health Authority Community Health Specialist · Abbotsford, British Columbia

The Personal Training Collective Co-founder / Health Promotion Strategist

“Marlene is becoming a national advocate for Canadians in need. I was impressed enough to take a deep interest in her goals. I am excited to be a part of her journey and am looking forward to her project’s outcomes.”

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Debbie Lee

 “We think we know what we do is important, but how do we express this within a system we also respect?”

Brenda Adams.jpg

Brenda Adams

”Marlene is a prime example of someone who is changing the world for the better in a non-traditional way.”