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 Marlene formed Days of Action as a space for any Canadian to have their pain validated. It is intended to be a place where any narrative can be recognized as having meaning. These stories represent that all of us deserve healing. They also represent the idea of a kind of liberation for all Canadians and Canada. A liberation from feeling hopeless.

The goal of the bike journey across Canada is to collect a wide range of stories in order to demonstrate the variety of unresolved trauma experiences that exist around the country and which are reflective of the rest of the world.

These narratives will culminate in a book that we hope will express the array of realities around trauma that have yet to be fully explored. They are simply intended to help people who have experienced trauma see themselves in others. We hope this leads to policy insight and a sense of national unity.

If you have a story you think should be heard, please reach out to us today. Whether it's anonymous or you wish to have your name alongside your story, we have a place for you.

"I used to be the glue that held my family together"

Alex McGilvery Kamloops B.C

 “He’s anorexic, you know.” “Really? But he’s a guy!”

-Anonymous male with Anorexia

"She just kept saying she was fine. I had a gut feeling that something was wrong so I left class right away and drove to her house."

-Anonymous youth and suicide

"The country was war torn and extremely poor. As we flew in I noticed blown up buildings and nomads roaming the land. It was then that I realized that this would be a trip I would never forget."

-Anonymous trauma overseas

 "I can “go without” eating at a restaurant for a treat, I can “go without” trips and vacations, I can “go without” that tub of ice cream from the grocery store, I can “go without” that cute sundress I saw in the window.  I can go without a lot of things, but I think we can agree that mental health medications should not be in the same category of frivolity as sundresses and ice cream."

-Anonymous youth and mental health

Every story counts. Our goal is to compile an array of stories with various themes demonstrating that although our stories are different our pain is ultimately the same.

With these stories we will set out unite Canadians who feel left behind. This place is where their experience has the power to influence policy and heal all people and strengthen our country.