From people who believe, and who make differences in their own communities

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Peter Twist

President/CEO at Twist Performance + Wellness

Former Strength and Conditioning Coach for Vancouver Canucks 

Partner with China Olympic Committee

 “Marlene is ON A MISSION, biking solo across Canada to compel politicians to CHANGE THE SYSTEM of how MENTAL HEALTH is managed.”

In the past couple of years I have quietly aligned my mentor ship to foster Marlene Hibbs self-growth and innate ability to elevate and lead with passion and purpose - sometimes people just need to be pulled up and from there they can drive their Mission.

Look - I’ve lost good friends where lack of mental health care caused them to step out of life. We must keep people in the game, and find better access to modern resources that work well for elevating people into a more happy peaceful positive state. That for many takes a support system that treats this with respect and dignity and gives mental health its’ due. I look forward to her campaigns outcome, and will continue to support her while she champions this cause for improved mental health services for all of Canada.

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Brenda Adams

Project Manager at Nanaimo Division of Family Practice

Founder at The Personal Training Collective

Former General manager at YMCA of Greater Vancouver

”Marlene is a prime example of someone who is changing the world for the better in a non-traditional way.”

Marlene is a prime example of someone who is changing the world for the better in a non-traditional way. She  is combining her skills, experience, intelligence, integrity and instincts as a Coach and Personal Trainer together to achieve her goals for her country. Having mentored and known Marlene for over half a decade, she is trustworthy to build and grow with as she is faithful and effective in following through on meaningful outcomes from her work.

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Laura London

Fraser Health Authority Community Health Specialist and Project Manager in Nanaimo, British Columbia

The Personal Training Collective Co-founder / Health Promotion Strategist

“Marlene is becoming a national advocate for Canadians in need. I was impressed enough to take a deep interest in her goals. I am excited to be a part of her journey and am looking forward to her project’s outcomes.”

 Along with supporting and developing strategy and program execution for communities, I mentor personal trainers through my ‘healthcare’ lens which I do as (please put best title here Laura). Marlene is a student within this organization and as such she reached out to me during an eating disorder awareness campaign that she had created. It was an innovative “scale smash” campaign, pioneered in her own community that I was impressed enough with to take a deep interest in her goals. Marlene passionately engaged with me on the issues in order to better understand why things are the way they are. She asked me how she could, as a patient advocate, empower herself and others to improve these systems for all. As a true next-generation leader, she seeks to understand by researching and reaching out, to pave new ways forward.

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Sam Cabrillana

 “She is dedicated, she is motivated and because of this, I look forward to offering my expertise from my field of addictions and recovery support on her journey.”

I met Marlene on her journey across Canada. I had the opportunity to support her in this while she established herself in Ottawa. The mission Marlene is on is truly an important mission. She is dedicated, she is motivated, and because of this, I look forward to offering my expertise from my field of addictions and recovery support on her journey. I have connected her with other mental health workers in the community and look forward to sharing her results and findings with my clients as a means to inspire and encourage them in their own recovery. You can be in need and give back at the same time! I also look forward to sharing the experience of engaging with her to my colleagues as a means to strengthen and evolve mental health care around Canada.


Debbie Lee

 “We think we know what we do is important, but how do we express this within a system we also respect?”

I had the pleasure of meeting Marlene on her bike ride through Belleville and she participated in a local program that I founded for feeding and clothing the needy on a daily basis in our local community. As a client she was a welcome participant in our services, but when I came to understand her broader mission I shared with her our challenges.

Here was Marlene, who we were able to help, who also aimed to help others and to do so with the empathy that can only come from experiencing what others actually feel. This is the kind of story-gathering and synthesis I would truly love to see come to fruition. In our case, we aren’t supported by local politicians because we aren’t part of an established order such as the Salvation Army and we may not conform to local health-care legislation or food safety rules.

This is legitimate, but red-tape can be a detriment when good citizens wish to aid the least fortunate, where is the bridge? We do our best for the people we serve who are not getting what they need without us - we know there are hungry people and we feed them when they are desperate, in the highest standards. This raises a profound question about what should be OK and what isn’t. We think we know what we do is important, but how do we express this within a system we also respect that worries about us doing this on our own? I hope Marlene can connect the dots with other communities like us and ultimately we can figure this out as a national community of people who care, because there are many important questions that remain unanswered.


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